A Detailed Guide on How to Choose the Best Sleeping Pad

Camping continues growing in popularity; therefore, more people realize that a comfortable pad is a must-have tool for any person, going hiking. Thanks to a top-quality sleeping pad, you’ll finally get enough sleep in the mountains. But how to choose the best option? The choice is so huge today so it is really hard to make the right decision and buy the best option. However, before you buy a pad, you should understand that there are a few types of sleeping pad constructions. In this insightful review, we’ll show how to choose the best item!

  • Closed Cell Foam Pads. Mind that it is the simplest solution. If you plan a long trip, we don’t recommend choosing these pads. A closed cell foam pad is a small piece of foam between your body and the ground. Besides, they aren’t comfortable and rely on small air pockets within the foam.
  • Self-inflating Pads. They are made from an open-celled foam, which is placed between two pieces of fabric. The main distinctive feature of the foam is that it retains heat. Besides, they are very easy to inflate and less bulky as compared to the previous option.
  • Air Construction. It is a much warmer and more durable solution. However, there’s one disadvantage – it takes time to inflate them.

These are the basic types of sleeping pads. However, there are some other things you should consider before buying.

Packed Size

If you plan hiking for a few days, you should also care about weight. It is really hard to carry a too heavy backpack. If weight matters, you should try to find a balance between comfort, warmth, and weight. The modern market is overloaded with a broad selection of pads. Choose the size which is more convenient for you.


Mind that comfort is the key reason why people buy sleeping pads. There are pads with smooth surfaces and deep baffles. Some pads are thicker as compared to other items, and make sleeping on the ground less problematic.


If you plan hiking in wintry weather, you should also choose a warm sleeping bag. Mind that your pad is a key component, which can keep you alive and warm. We recommend choosing light and, at the same time, warm options. Besides, too much depends on what surfaces you are going to sleep (ice, snow or a cold rock). If you plan your trip in cold environments, you should choose a pad with a high R-value.

Hiking or camping is definitely great, but if you want to make your trip unforgettable and comfortable, you should always choose the right gear!

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