A Few Compelling Reasons to Visit Tenerife

Have you ever been to Tenerife? It is the biggest island of the Canary Islands, which is definitely worth seeing. If you have never been there, we hope that this review will assuage your doubts and Tenerife will be your next destination. So, why should you visit Tenerife?

The Weather is Always Comfortable

You should keep in mind that the average annual temperature is 23C; summers are warm and winters are mild. The north island district is mostly cooler, but as compared to the European weather, it is very warm there. So, it is the best place to visit at any time of the year.


People go to Tenerife to enjoy its beaches; the island has more than 70 kilometers of beaches and the majority of them have Blue Flag awards. The south part of the island is more popular but the north part is also worth seeing. Besides, the majority of beaches are made of black sand.


You can see real dolphins and whales all year round. The best place where you can see these animals is the south-west coast of the island. Besides, you can also see hundreds of migratory birds there. In this case, you need to visit the Pico Ingles Lookout Point, Malpais de Guimar Nature Reserve and the Los Gigantes Cliffs.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is very popular here. Its key mission is to protect the island. More than 50% of the island is protected. This natural beauty attracts tourists most of all.

Tenerife Culture

If you really want to get acquainted with the island culture closer, you should visit it in February. Every year, the world-famous carnival is held on Tenerife. You’ll see the island culture, their traditional clothes, and other local traditions. Furthermore, you’ll also come across a number of age-old traditions that are passed from one generation to another one.

These are the key reasons to visit this fascinating island. We hope that they will encourage you to visit this incredible place. Whatever type of activities you are looking for, Tenerife might meet your needs!

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